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My Classroom Favorites and Where to Find Them

*Sorry for the delay! Due to a minor family emergency I was unable to post yesterday.*

Two days ago, I shared my classroom checklist for back to school. Today, I want to share some of my favorite resources and where you can find them!

To make my brain happy, I broke this post down based on classroom spaces. Find the spaces that match your own classroom and enjoy the inspiration, hopefully!

Class library – Last year, I organized my library by author’s last name.

I LOOVEEEE these Sterlite baskets for most of my library –

class lib
This is my new library for the year! Ignore the mess as I am still setting up.

I also use CD/DVD bins to face books out (I used the teal and black in the photo above)

lib bin
This year, I am organizing my library by genre. I bought these labels from TPT seller, Crash Point Resources.

I bought these genre labels from TPT seller, Crash Point Resources –

To organize my library by genre I found these Really Really Good label holders another teacher was getting rid of but they can also be found here –

Every year, I order a photo book with photos from my classroom. I use this to compare year to year. This is an image of three years worth of class libraries from two different rooms (bottom -= oldest photo).
Cabinet/Storage – I LOOOOVE these polka dot labels from TPT seller, The Hungry Teacher.

I label… a LOT! Partly for my own sanity and partly for my students to stay organized. I love these polka dot labels from TPT seller, The Hungry Teacher. They are editable or you can print blank ones and write on them. I laminate them and use them for years. I label my desk and supplies as well which makes it easy for a sub to find what he or she needs quickly. Best part? THEY’RE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My sister made this organizer for me when I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree and it’s been in every classroom since. She used strips of paper and drew owls on them and wrote the labels – Copy, Grade, File.

This is my new reference section. This cubed shelf was perfect!

I needed to expand my library so I bought two bookshelves from thrift stores/yard sales. They can be bought new here

rolling cart
I plan to label this but for now I love the pop of color!

I bought two of these rolling carts this year. I can’t wait to try them out!

tool drawers

I got this organizer as a gift and LOVE it! The gifter even printed and labeled it for me. It can be found new here


Classroom decorations –




  • My school uses a token economy. We use tickets school wide but I rolled out a gem system for my classes last year and love it! The basic idea is that the class earns points (gems) for doing certain things. I will explain more in another post but in order to make it work, I needed containers for each class and items that made noise when they were added to the container. I bought these containers from Dollar Tree and bought colored gems. I put this on my teacher desk so I have complete control over what gets put in the container.
  • NOT PHOTOGRAPHED – I bought these class signs from TPT seller, Crash Point Resources, since they match my class rules and have more poster options to enable my students to take responsibility for their actions and learning.


Other –

I recently got addicted to The Happy Planner – Teacher edition. I bought this one at a local Michael’s with a coupon PLUS they give teachers an EXTRA percentage off if you have your ID!!!!! I’m using this as my school and home planner AND lesson planner!


I also recently got introduced to NAEIR. They provide low cost items to people who serve the needy like children, special needs adults, seniors in nursing home, etc. They are FREE to become a member but you must apply and follow their guidelines. My last purchase cost around $35 (they do have a $25 minimum) but the package was worth over $200. This photo is only a SMALL part of my last order.


I also recently discovered a group on Facebook (they are on Instagram too) called Help A Teacher. They have teachers create an Amazon wish list and then promote it on their page for donors to sponsor. Donors can buy one item, multiple items, or no items. I really like this over other fundraising options because there are no hidden or extra fees and you get EXACTLY what you are looking for in your classroom. This photo includes my first two donations from that wish list – a book shelf and craft organizer.

What are your favorite resources?

If you have any questions, please comment here or email me at

Resourcefully yours,

Teaching In Public

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