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Life Changing Breakfast

This isn’t like my other education or mental health focused posts. Well, not technically.

Yesterday, I was walking out of someone’s house and smelled this glorious sweet eggy smell. 🤰😂 It took me hours to place it! I finally figured out it was a French toast like smell.


I didn’t feel like making French toast so I looked for a casserole and tried it. It was one of the most delicious breakfast items I’ve ever eaten!

My husband took a few bites and told me I should make it for our holiday brunches at my parents too. I made it for dinner last night and it was still sooooo good for breakfast this morning.

Here is the link –

I did alter a few things. I didn’t use any fruit, orange zest or cranberries. I did add the pecans and brown sugar, which made a huge flavor difference! I also added a dash of nutmeg (my French toast secret) to the custard mix. I also didn’t think 5 eggs was enough so I used 8 and an extra half cup of milk. I also didn’t use as much bread as they call for. I bought two medium sized French bread loaves and chunked them as directed and had more than enough. I bought three loaves and didn’t need the third.

And there’s more!

This morning, I really wanted coffee. Being 🤰 has made caffeine difficult to deal with so I bought decaf grounds. But… my Keurig hasn’t been used in the 5 months that I’ve been pregnant plus a few weeks before. I tried to clean it with vinegar. Plus, I took out the external reservoir and cleaned it… as I cleaned this, I realized how much build up our water had created since the filter had been taken out. Even with baking soda and vinegar I just couldn’t do it.

So… I went to the internet! This morning I found 5 ways to make coffee without a coffee maker!

I tried the first one – the cowboy method – and it was brilliant! So easy and worked perfectly! I do have a reusable coffee filter. Instead of using a ladle, like they suggest, I put the rigid and reusable filter on a wide mouthed mug.

The directions are soooo easy to follow and worked perfectly the first time! Looks like I don’t need a coffee maker taking up valuable counter space!

Don’t get me wrong! I loooooove coffee! However, I haven’t wanted or been able to drink it nearly as often now that I’m pregnant and who knows how often I’ll want to in the coming months!

Here is the link –

Both of these will be used again in my household! They are morning, holiday, and taste-bud changing!


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