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A “Happy” Planner Newbie

Disclaimer: no part of this blog or post is or has been sponsored by any company.

I’ve tried to find the perfect planner that fits my personal and teacher needs.

I tried using one for each but using two planners never worked well for me.

I tried using just a teacher planner… I was very last minute in my personal life that year.

I tried using my phone as a personal planner… nope.

Last year, I purchased a complete teacher planner on Teachers Pay Teachers. It was a thorough resource and had lifetime updates as part of the price. I enjoyed this planner but it had unexpected expenses – color ink, spiral binding machine (I found one on Facebook Marketplace), plastic spiral binding strips, and lamination supplies. I printed the pages I wanted, put them in order, laminated the covers, and bound the pages. It worked great until I spilled water in my purse. It wrinkled multiple pages and made it more difficult to use. I thought about reprinting the pages but then I had to unbind and rebind the planner too. Instead, I made it work the best I could.

This year, I was inspired to do something different. As I was scrolling through instagram, I saw a post from Classes_and_Coffee,

The gist of the post was, why not spend a little more for a planner you want since you use it almost daily?

Why not? At this point in my life, I didn’t have a good reason not to! There are barriers for some, and I experienced most of them at some point, -not enough money, don’t know what to buy, etc.

So, I went into research mode! If I was going to spend more money on a planner, I wanted to make sure it checked my boxes.

I wanted a planner that could be used for personal and teacher planning, had a month and week by week view, had space for notes/birthdays/etc, and bonus points if it could double as a grade book.

After researching, only The Happy Planner Teacher Edition met the criteria.

Once I made my decision, I made a trip to a local Michael’s with coupons in hand. I had a 40% off one item coupon but also got 15% off my total with my teacher ID. My total was around $64 for a Big planner, set of stickers (1 big pack, 2 small), 1 pack of checklist papers (looks like gramma grade book grid), 3 washi tapes, and a container to stay organized. Without the coupons, my total would have been in the $90 range.

I spent a chunk of time tonight setting it up for the new school year. Only time will tell if I can effectively use it but it seems like a step in the right direction!!

Ambitiously yours,

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