I never thought of sharing this idea until a friend of mine told me she had never thought of using photo books this way.

Every year, I photograph my classroom once it’s put together for the new year. I take more as I change parts of my room through the year. Finally, I pack everything up and take pictures of my jam packed closets.

Then, I head over to Walgreens.com and upload the photos. Once they are uploaded, I turn them into a small photo book. The downside is the small book can only take 25 photos. If you go with the larger bound book, there are more options.

I use this over the summer and throughout the school year to do a lot of things!

    Reflect on my use of space. Did it work? What do I need to change? What did I really like and want to keep? What made my life easier or more difficult? My desk is a perfect example! It has changed every year. I just can’t get it just right…
    Reflect on how my classroom has changed year to year and why I made those changes, like my class library in the images below (top – most recent image).
    Think about what I may need to purchase or find for the following year based on what I used and what I put in my closets/cabinets.
    Explaining an area or concept in my classroom (always easier with visuals).
    Where does this go? Do I want it to stay there? (This is helpful when I’m setting up for the new year and I can look back at where it was the year before.)
    and more!
  • This photo book is a lifesaver for me! It makes reflecting, setting up, and tearing down so much simpler for me. It gives me a clear idea and a concrete image to work from.
  • Want to know how I did it? Check out my how-to below! Also!!! If you’re seeing this post right away, you’re in luck! Walgreens has a half off coupon code right now until June 22, 2019 – JUNEBOOK which brought my total from $6.99 to $3.49!
    1. Load your photos at Walgreens.com
      Select the size and style photo book you want (don’t forget to check their deals tab for coupons!)
      Pick the 25 photos (or more depending on the size book you picked) and select create
      In the editing panel, put your photos in the order you want. I typically go chronologically from when the room is set up to the room torn down for summer.
      Review your book and checkout!
      Pick it up and use to make your life easier!

    Creatively yours,

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